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Forum Guidelines

1. General

With the first posting, you automatically recognize the following rules and their content as well as any resulting consequences. Denouncements, harassment, insults, degradation of any kind are not permitted in the Forum, in the messaging system or in the community as a whole and lead to the immediate blocking of the account concerned.

2. Responsibility for contributions

The operator of the Forum assumes no liability or responsibility for all contributions published in our Forum. Liability and responsibility lie with the author of the contributions. Of course, the author is also responsible for all Forum posts that violate applicable law - and he is liable for the resulting consequences. The author must ensure that the content of the published articles is correct. Commercial advertising is not permitted in the Forum - with the exception of areas marked accordingly!

3. Right to cancellation of contributions

By publishing a Forum post, the author automatically has an unlimited right to use his or her contribution to the Forum, its operators and all users. The author has transferred the right to have his contributions deleted to the Forum operator. This does not apply to the rules below in the search areas or in a special case after consultation with a responsible administrator. In ongoing discussions, there is no right to delete contributions in order not to tear the connections.

4. Telephone numbers, email and homepage addresses

The publication of telephone numbers as well as e-mail addresses, homepages (links) or references to them are not permitted in any form. The same applies to complete addresses or partial addresses. The source of copied texts is also legally permitted. But they don't have to be linked.

5. Fakes

Fake suspicions are not to be publicly reported on the main page, in the profiles or in the Forum. Fake reports or complaints about members should only be reported to our support team by ticket or by email with the appropriate subject, nickname and evidence (screenshots) to support.

6. Incorrectly assigned Forum content

Postings should always be formulated in the relevant main area with a meaningful title line. Posts that are not in the relevant main area are considered 'off topic' and can either be moved to the relevant area or deleted without notice.

We provide the complete Forum rules directly in the Forum.

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