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What are the Image Rules and Classifications?

Image rules

Below is a list with the rules and classification categories for all images.

SFW (people)

Safe For Work (SFW) images of people with NO sexual content. For example: 

  • Images you'd be happy to show to your grandmother!

SFW (objects)

Safe For Work (SFW) images of objects with NO sexual content. For example: 

  • Cars, motorcycles (no number plates), bikes, boats, airplanes. NO military, police or rescue vehicles.

  • Animals and pets are okay as long as they're in the background and NOT in a sexual context.

  • Holiday/vacation photos and landscapes (with other people)

  • Cultural imagery, illustrations, artwork WITHOUT sexual content.

ASFW (people)

Almost Safe For Work (ASFW) images of people. For example:

  • Skin and body parts are allowed but NO exposed genitals or silhouettes through clothing.

ASFW (objects)

Almost Safe For Work (ASFW) images of objects. For example: 

  • Caricatures, illustrations and artwork without heavy sexual context.

  • Soft BDSM/fetish items not used for penetration e.g. handcuffs.

NSFW (people)

Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images of people. For example:

  • Any sexual activity, like blowjobs, masturbation or sexual intercourse

  • Nipple or genital stimulation

  • Genitalia/anus are entirely or partially, visible

  • Genitalia that's obvious through clothes

  • Fetish or other clothes/worn accessories that restrict view or movement or that obstruct breathing

  • BDSM play

  • Use of sex toys

  • Sperm or golden showers

  • Profile owner or more people were visible. Please check image rights before.  

NSFW (objects)

  • Not Safe For Work (NSFW) images of objects. For example: Caricatures or illustrations and artwork with pornographic content

  • Sex toys

  • BDSM accessories, eg: gas masks, shackles, gags

  • Profile owner does not have to be visible

No go’s

  • No children whatsoever. This includes children's toys.

  • No images containing contact information (email address, phone number, etc.)

  • No images of illegal drug use and paraphernalia.

  • Text overlaid on images with hate speech (includes profanities, criminal, political or religious statements).

  • No weapons and/or offensive vocabulary.

  • No photos of violent acts to yourself, someone else, or animals.

  • No photos including blood or scat.

  • No copyrighted pictures 

  • No images that incite racism, bigotry, hatred or physical harm of any kind.

  • No images advertising services, goods, events, URL's, websites, or apps.

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